Procurement and contracts

Our highly qualified and professional team are responsible for the development of strategies leading to the effective procurement and contract management of all third party goods, works and services across all of our sites.

We contract with a large number of third party suppliers. We rely on their contribution to achieve our business goals.

Based at Manchester Airport, the Procurement and Contracts Category Management Teams partner with stakeholders and suppliers to fulfil all individual airport and group-wide requirements.

MAG is committed to ensuring that the best results possible are obtained from our expenditure by adopting the appropriate controls and best practice processes to generate demonstrable commercial risk management, value for money and the maximisation of benefits.

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What we look for in suppliers

Our Preferred Suppliers are those that have been successful in a competitive exercise and subsequently have terms agreed with MAG. These suppliers are identified within our ERP System, known as MAGBuy. Preferred Suppliers are those businesses which:

  • Hold a valid MAG contract
  • Support our corporate values
  • Meet our financial and ethics standards
  • Help us to drive sustainable procurement

MAG is regulated as a Utility under EU Procurement Legislation for Goods, Works and Services. As such, for all contract opportunities valued higher than the current thresholds, MAG will issue a call for competition either via Achilles UVDB or by issuing a contract notice published in the European Journal. All tenders are managed on MAGSource.

We work in partnership with our suppliers to add real value to our corporate business goals.
Working with suppliers

Our Group Procurement and Contracts policy and our sourcing process have been designed to ensure that supplier opportunity is improved and value for money promoted.

MAG Procurement and Contracts are recognised as a premier procurement and contracts service provider in the UK aviation sector.

Supporting documents

Sustainable Procurement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a high priority at MAG. We have company-wide commitments to sustainability, it is led from the very top of the company and embedded into everything we do. We’ve set ourselves some challenging targets and our suppliers are integral to our success.