Airports and the environment

Protecting the environment should be important for any business, but as airport operators we recognise we have a particularly important role to play in ensuring the protection of the environment and minimising impacts on local residents.

Carbon Neutral

Ten years ago we recognised the need to be bold and ambitious in how we played our part in tackling climate change and committed our airports to being the first carbon neutral airports in the UK within ten years’ time. Ten years later, Manchester and East Midlands Airports have become carbon neutral. London Stansted, which we acquired in 2013, also became carbon neutral after just five years under MAG.

International Accreditation

All of our airports are also accredited to ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for managing the environment, continually improving what we do.

Pioneering Technology

We work with our partner businesses, from airlines to handling agents, to improve how we operate and reduce our impact, allowing us to grow more sustainably. Be it through being part of a global trial for pioneering new flight path technology, proving the safety of wind turbines at an airfield or increasing our use of renewable energy, we are pushing to find new ways to reduce our impact and grow responsibly.


We recognise that aircraft noise can be intrusive and disruptive for those who live closest to an airport and its flight paths and we work with airports and airlines across the world to bring down noise levels. This year we completed the trial of modern GPS (global positioning system) navigation techniques that are new to UK aviation. This was the culmination of a three-year long project which is intended to help reduce the number of people affected by aircraft noise. Trailed at London Stansted Airport, we were able to demonstrate that participating aircraft directly overflew 85% fewer people.

Working with Industry

But it is not only about what we do as an individual business but what we can do as an industry. We are a prominent member of Sustainable Aviation, a group of major UK airlines, airports, manufacturers and air navigation service providers working together to create a more sustainable, greener future for aviation.