Business and jobs growth

Our airports play a key role in both national and local economies. Not only do we directly support local employment, but our airports connect the UK to countries across the world, providing the trade, travel and export links that drive growth and support thousands more jobs up and down the country.

Supporting Local Jobs

Whilst we know that local businesses and local jobs are important, as a business it is important for us that the right people are available to take up the opportunities on offer, and help grow our business.

At MAG we want as many of these skills to come from our local area, and have created airport academies to help ensure this happens. Our academies offer training and work with our airport business partners to match local peoples’ skills to the right roles for them.

They’re open to anyone, whether they are just looking to gain experience to help with employment or they want to work for our airports specifically. Over 20,000 people were supported through our education to employment programmes last year, with almost a 1,000 taking on work with us, and thousands more finding work elsewhere.

Supporting Local Trade

We work with hundreds of other companies to make our airports successful, make a conscious effort to work with local supply chains to ensure the benefits of living and working near an airport are felt by the local economy. To boost our impact, every year we run ‘Meet the Buyers’ events, matching local buyers up with local suppliers, generating millions in sales for additional local businesses.

National Economy

Last year our airports contributed £7.8bn to the UK economy. Be it for business, leisure or visiting friends and family, over 60 million passengers passed through our airports last year, alongside more than 745,000 tonnes of freight. supporting billions of pounds to the UK economy.


Did you know

  • 20,530 people in our local communities directly supported by MAG’s ‘Education into Employment’ programme
  • 963 people have gained employment at our sites through our airport academies, either with support from our training programme, or through our recruitment service
  • Our airports support a contribution of £6.2bn annually to the national economy