Manchester Airport Cargo

Currently handling more than 63,000 tonnes of air cargo annually, Manchester Airport offers direct access to the UK’s motorway network and has ample room for future cargo growth.

Manchester is host to the largest concentration of freight forwarders outside of London, and offers a global route network through the freighter and bellyhold cargo networks of the world's leading operators.

Manchester Airport’s cargo facility, the World Freight Terminal, is a community of more than 1,000 professionals managing freight-only aircraft as well as consignments that arrive or depart in the holds of passenger aircraft.

Manchester's expanding long haul network is growing the potential for bellyhold cargo, particularly to Asia and the Middle East.

  • Handles 111,000 tonnes of cargo annually

    UK’s 3rd largest airport.

  • UK’s 4th biggest ‘pure freight’ airport

    Freighter friendly.

  • Both runways over 3,000 metres.

    5% of the UK’s belly hold cargo is flown to or from Manchester.

  • Fire fighting category 10 to cater for daily.

  • A380 operations.

  • 24 Hour operations/365.

  • Approximately 100 logistics companies based on and around the airport site.

  • Full CAT IIIb ILS protection.

  • 70 airlines connecting to more than 210 destinations.

  • Registered Border Inspection Post.

  • Experienced cargo handling companies on-site.

  • Airport city now under development, with key tenants including DHL and Amazon.

  • The World Freight Terminal (WFT) located adjacent to the apron.

  • Supports over £6bn in non-EU trade annually.

Manchester Airport is approved as a Border Inspection Post (BIP) on the European Union’s “List of Border Inspection Posts”.

The MAN BIP is approved for Third Countries (non-EU members) imports of:

  • Packaged animal products for human consumption.

  • Packaged animal products not intended for human consumption.

  • It is operational 24/7

It is also approved for Third Countries (non-EU members) imports of small animals including Fish, Reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians only.

As well as operating as a BIP Manchester Airport is also a Designated Point of Entry(DPE), Designated Point of Import, (DPI) , First Point of Import (FPI).

The BIP is not permanently manned. All contact should be through the telephone number above.

All contact during office hours should be made through our contact centre on Tel: 0161 234 5004

Out of office hours on Tel: 07887916848

Fax No: 0161 489 3308


DEFRA BIP Information.

Manchester Airport is home to around 100 providers of logistics services including couriers, freight forwarders, general sales agents, trucking and airlines.

Our Cargo community hub allows you to search for individual companies to find contact details, services available and other information aimed to assist you in importing and exporting cargo to/from Manchester Airport.