Mission and values

MAG's vision is to be the premier airport management and services company.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver sustainable growth in shareholder value, balancing the needs of our customers, passengers, employees and the communities in which we work, while maintaining the highest safety and security standards.

We have created a single culture across the organisation, and five core values that underpin our strategy and determine how we work towards achieving our Mission and Vision.

Core values

Safe hands

MAG treats the safety and security of customers and employees as its number one priority. We act with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility. We consistently deliver on our financial and brand promises, and are accountable for our decisions. We engender confidence through the knowledge, experience and professionalism of our people.

Brilliant at what matters

MAG focuses on all the things which really matter to its stakeholders and which make them want to do business with us, fly through our airports or work for our company. We set ourselves the highest performance and quality standards and are rigorous about consistency and ruthlessly efficient in our delivery. We constantly challenge ourselves to find new and better ways to exceed expectations.

Finger on the pulse

MAG is in-tune with the changing needs and aspirations of all its stakeholders, from customers and employees to investors and the local community. We look at the future through the eyes of our customers – airlines, passengers and tenants. We are dynamic, fast-moving and always up-to-date. We lead the way in developing the future of successful and highly profitable airports.

Power of teamwork

MAG creates win-win solutions with its partners, which consistently outperform the market. We empower our airline customers and retail tenants to exceed the expectations of their end-consumers. We think and act like one team, bonded by mutual trust and respect. We share in the success of our business, recognising and rewarding great ideas and exemplary behaviour.

Why not?

MAG challenges the status quo to provide the best solutions for airlines, passengers, tenants and other stakeholders. We never stand still in our search for innovative ideas which surprise and delight our customers and drive performance. We attract ambitious people and enlightened organisations who are drawn by MAG’s forward-looking, innovative spirit. We give people permission to think and act differently.

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