Cargo services

MAG has major cargo facilities at all three of its airports, and East Midlands is the largest dedicated freight operation in the UK. MAG airports handle over £27.5 billion worth of cargo to and from the UK every year, equating to over 800,000 tonnes of air cargo on more than 40,000 dedicated freighter flights every year.

MAG has the unique benefit of being able to offer several cargo gateways across the UK – not just one geographical point of entry and exit. This allows MAG to work with its airline and freight forwarding customers to ensure the most practical and suitable gateway can be used for a variety of key markets – from automotive to oil and gas, and from fresh produce to pharmaceuticals.

MAG’s three airports - Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands  - offer an unparalleled cargo handling experience and a fully flexible, proactive airport management.


Trucking time from MAG airports

Trucking time - Cargo services