MAG USA was launched in June 2015 bringing three new business lines to the US market.

MAG USA’s ultimate aim is to become the US’s ‘go-to’ organisation for delivering market-leading commercial solutions that transform customer experiences in airports.

  • Public-Private Partnership (P3) Airport Terminal & Retail developments,
  • Escape Lounges (common-use airport lounges), and
  • Car Parking services.

Martin Jones serves as CEO and President of MAG USA overseeing the development of MAG’s North American Airport services business.

Martin joined MAG USA following his role as Commercial Director and Deputy CEO for Manchester Airport Group (MAG) at London Stansted Airport. During his tenure, passenger numbers increased from 24.3m to almost 29m with the number of carriers increasing from 13 to 24. Car parking capacity and revenue increased by over 30% and the terminal was reconfigured bringing new choices for departing passengers to shop and eat. As a result, London Stansted is set to become the 3rd largest and fastest growing UK airport in 2018/19.  

Before joining MAG, Martin was Head of UK Sales Channels for Vodafone and prior to that role was CEO of Marks and Spencer Reliance India.

Escape Lounges

Escape is MAG’s award-winning common use airport lounge, offering a relaxing environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main concourse. All US Escape Lounges are part of the American Express Global Lounge Collection, offering complimentary access for AMEX Platinum Card members and up to two guests. Click HERE to find a list of all open Escape Lounges in the US.

Escape Lounges facilitate airline development by supporting premium passenger experiences. They service customers seeking a more comfortable experience, whether departing or transferring, and address the needs of the business traveller, providing facilities that keep them connected whilst on the move.

The addition of an Escape Lounge improves the customer experience, adds value and increases revenue at a host airport. Contact our team to discuss the benefits of implementing an Escape lounge at your airport today.

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Contact our team to discuss the benefits of implementing an Escape lounge at your airport today:

Martin Jones