Opportunity for all

Promoting both the future sustainability of our business and the economic prospects of the regions in which we operate by creating quality employment, and providing opportunities for all in a safe, inclusive and diverse environment.

Promoting good quality, sustainable and positive employment practices is not only the right thing to do, it also makes long term business sense. Colleagues who are happy at work deliver better service to our passengers and add more value to our business.

Opening up real opportunities at our airports for a wider range of local people means we, and our partners, have a long-term pipeline of talent to draw on. This work must be cross generational too, so that all local people feel able to take advantage of the employment opportunities offered by the airport at every stage of their life, including throughout their education.

That is why we are focused on engaging with our communities from the very start, with our popular Aerozones giving schoolchildren an opportunity to learn more about their local airport, and our on-site Airport Academies offering higher level skills and training. Our innovative Stansted Airport College, delivered in partnership with Harlow College, also cultivates the grassroots of the aviation industry - giving local young people an opportunity to study in an airport environment for relevant qualifications which allows them to work in aviation once they graduate.




Did you know

  • 20,530 people in our local communities have been directly supported by MAG’s ‘Education into Employment’ programme
  • 1,354 people have gained employment at our sites through our airport academies, either with support from our training programme, or through our recruitment service
  • Our airports support a contribution of £7.8bn annually to the national economy