Our responsibility plans

Our aim as a business is to grow. But we recognise too that the size, scale and nature of our business means we have a duty to pursue that growth in a responsible way, minimising our impact on our environment and maximising the support and benefit we offer to the areas we serve.

Millions of people use our airports every year, we employ thousands of people from local communities and support thousands more jobs right across the country. We have for decades sought to make our airports 'greener' and to show that as a business we are playing our part in improving communities, not only through growing the economy and providing jobs, but by supporting local cultural projects and the wider causes important to our staff and local areas.

As part of this on-going work, in 2015 we created a new Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, which set out a series of targets that we aim to achieve over the coming years. It committed us to being independently audited and reporting on our progress each year, in an open and transparent way.

Our CSR Strategy

Environment: Minimising our impact

We will make the best use of natural resources and minimise the environmental impact of our operations.


Community: Enduring relationships

By building enduring relationships with our local communities, we will seek to understand the issues that are important to them and use our combined skills and resources to work together for our mutual benefit.

Business: Spirit of partnership

Working in the spirit of partnership, we will maximise our social and economic contributions in the regions we serve.

Colleagues: Developing and supporting

Keeping them safe at all times, we will support and develop our people so they consistently deliver high performance.