Our responsibility plans

Our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy comes five years after the publication of our last Strategy, and builds on the strong track record that we have developed over that period for improving the way we operate as a business for the benefit of the communities, regions and environment around our airports.

Since we published our last CSR Strategy in 2015, we have delivered industry leading improvements in the way we operate as a business, which taken together, show the value of setting out a wide-reaching and ambitious CSR Strategy. The achievements that have come from the 2015 Strategy have set us up to be more successful and robust in the long-term, and this 2020 Strategy will do likewise over the next five years.

We have developed our new Strategy at an important time, with growing awareness of the need to tackle both global and local challenges. Our 2020 strategy assumes three key principles for the future:
• Protecting the environment must be central to every plan we make;
• The UK must remain globally connected to be successful, and;
• The UK economy needs rebalancing to enable all parts of the country to benefit from growth.

Our CSR Strategy

The launch of our 2020 CSR Strategy is an exciting moment for MAG. The comprehensive and ambitious commitments it includes will guide the sustainable development of our business and the regions we serve.The three strategic objectives that underpin our new Strategy will ensure we focus in the areas of most importance, whilst our objectives and targets continue to take a broad view of sustainability, reflecting our business priorities and determination to continue to deliver outstanding performance. 


Highlights from our Strategy

Our new Strategy will be delivered through a programme of work that is comprehensive, challenging and ambitious.

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