Zero carbon airports

Improving the global environment by cutting any remaining reliance on fossil fuels, whilst working alongside our partners to reduce the waste and emissions from activities related to our operations.

Carbon Neutral

Aviation is one of the most challenging industries to decarbonise, with low carbon technology for flights, especially long-haul flights, still some way off. The UK aviation industry has a plan to reach net zero carbon by 2050, achievable through operational improvements and airspace modernisation, exciting new technologies, sustainable aviation fuels, and carbon removal projects.

The carbon footprint of an airport itself is relatively small (when set against the emissions generated by flights themselves) but still significant and MAG is proud that all of its airports are now carbon neutral.

This has been achieved through our long-term focus on the energy efficiency of our buildings, the purchase of low carbon electricity, and addressing residual emissions through high quality ‘Gold Standard’ carbon offsets.

Our headline commitment is to achieve ‘net zero carbon’ by 2038 at the latest by cutting our remaining carbon emissions to zero and removing the need for carbon offsets.