Local Voices

MAG is committed to improving the local environment and addressing the issues that matter most to the people living nearest to us. We do this by listening to local voices, addressing noise concerns, and providing opportunities for local businesses.

Our approach to CSR is clear when our business prospers, the regions and communities we serve should prosper too. That can only happen if we work with our local residents and communities to ensure that the impacts that come with living near an airport are understood, controlled as far as possible, and where necessary, mitigated against.

As well as working directly with neighbouring communities, we are committed to building upon the strong and lasting relationships we have with our local authorities. Our approach to CSR is dynamic and capable of responding to new and refreshed Government policy and the advice of the recently introduced Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise.

MAG airports are known to be good neighbours, and we work hard to engage with residents near our airports on matters including public transport, noise management, and air quality.

There is always more to do, and our teams pride themselves on the links they build not just with local residents, but also businesses keen to capitalise on our extensive supply chain opportunities.

We appreciate that living near an airport is not always easy, and we do everything we can to be a good neighbour by minimising the external impacts and developing opportunities to improve local economic prosperity and infrastructure.



New methods of consultation including youth forums at every airport

30% of colleagues to participate in local volunteering programmes